Take care of your patients, we’ll take care of your image.

Mathieu Rouppert

A digital agency dedicated to healthcare professionals.

Substances Actives helps healthcare professionals implement a patient relationship based on innovation.

We started with a simple statement, in a medical world in constant evolution, with new therapeutic approaches, new communication tools, it is not easy for the practitioner to find his or her way. It is also very difficult for the patients to understand and make an informed choice.

Our philosophy is that an informed patient is an involved patient.

Our commitments


Conscious of the constraints linked to the medical environment and communication, we pledge to respect the Charter of the National Dental Association
All our solutions and applications are honest and allow you to transparently improve your image according to a simple principle in the digital world, trust.


Although we develop the digital image of our customers, the human being involved is a priority for us. Our work does not stop once it has been delivered. We establish a real relationship and follow you throughout your transformation.

Our values


We are aware that healthcare professionals are not necessarily well versed in the digital tools and more importantly, don’t have the time to.
We accompany you in the implementation of a digital strategy in the service of the patient relationship.


Confidentiality, ethics and security are our guidelines during any digital project.
Our entire team has been alerted to possible threats to cybersecurity.


In a world in constant evolution we like to adapt ourselves perpetually and to constantly optimize our solutions. Our innovative applications allow you to have a real follow-up of your online image, but also to better communicate with your patient.

Substances Actives corporate Social Responsibility

We think that the purpose of a company cannot come down to providing goods or services. Therefore alongside thinking about your office and patients, Substances Actives is part of a positive approach/initiative which cares for the planet and its inhabitants. So why not take the plunge ? Together, let’s create a value chain driven by environmental responsibility and solidarity in order to begin the transformation of the dental industry.


After measuring the carbon footprint of Substances Actives, we commit ourselves to provide eco-designed products and services whose environmental impact is taken into account and lowered. Every emission left will be compensated by the end of 2021, as newly created carbon sinks will absorb around 17 tons equivalent CO2 per year and will make us participate in the french neutral carbon objectives.


Substances Actives position itself as an agent of change by being :
A partner of the UFSBD to have a dental prevention at the latest standards ;
A Signatory of Planet Tech’Care who assist us to transform the digital sector and make it more eco-friendly ;

A Shareholder of Time for the Planet to drive innovation towards the fight against climate change.


Within Substances Actives, we place value in individuals by creating strong bonds with stakeholders. We provide a fulfilling work environment but also wish to see co-workers meet up around common values. Therefore, our whole team is involved in the decision making of the company’s next associative commitment.


The Team – Our #DreamTeam